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How many of us will be driving hybrid automobiles in 10 years time?

* Introduction to Hybrid Automobiles

A brief explanation of hybrid automobiles and the different types of power sources used in them.

* Evolution of Hybrid Automobiles

A look into the past of hybrid automobiles including the need that brought them into existence, including environmental issues.

- Present Day Situation

Although hybrid automobiles are considered to be futuristic and beneficial in many ways, they have been rather slow to permeate the present automotive culture.

* Owning a Hybrid

The advantages and disadvantages of owning a hybrid from a layman's point of view.

- Advantages

With soaring gas prices, these cars provide a welcome break for people who are on a budget. Certain countries provide tax relief for hybrid automobile owners. And on a

more global (and more obvious) level, they are enviroment friendly.

- Disadvantages

Although they are cheaper to run, hybrids cost more than their conventional counter-parts. The spare parts are expensive and hard to find and the system is so complex that it

needs professional help for even small issues.

* A Decade from Today

A peek into the future in terms of environmental issues, fuel costs and changes in automotive industry.

- Future Developments in Hybrid Automobiles

With advancements in technology and other influential factors, a look at what hybrid car-makers have in store for the world.

* Future of Their Existence

Considering the above factors, a discussion on the future of the existence of hybrid automobiles.

- Reasons Behind the Results

An overview of the reasons behind the results of...