Ian Kienan

Ian Kienan

The reason of choosing
Ian is the owner of The Australian of Year 1994.
Ian cares about the environment around the world. He allocates more people to join him for maintaining the green environment and support activities of protecting environment.

Ian Kiernan AO - Chairman and Founder of Clean Up Australia and Clean Up the World
Ian Bruce Kiernan was born near the shores of Sydney Harbour, Australia, in 1940 and grew up learning swim, fishing and sail on his favourite waterway.
Educated at The Armidale School in Northern NSW, Ian became a builder in the construction industry.
Throughout his life, Ian has also been a passionate yachtsman. He attended the sail competitions more than 40 years.
He has represented Australia at the Admiral's, Southern Cross, Dunhill, Clipper, Kenwood and Trans Pacific Cup competitions.
(Ian says he has always been strongly attracted to the sea and that it has probably been the single biggest influence in his life)

What influenced this person?
In 1986/87 Ian fulfilled a long-held dream by representing Australia in the BOC Challenge yacht race.
It was during the BOC Challenge that Ian saw and was appalled by the amount of rubbish choking the World’s oceans. He committed himself to do something about it on his return, starting in his own backyard - Sydney Harbour. With the support of a committee of friends, he organised a community event - Clean up Sydney Harbour on Sunday 8 January 1989.
Ian was overwhelmed by the response from Sydney residents, with 40,000 volunteers turning out to lend a hand to clean up.
(Ian was inspired to found the "Clean Up" campaign after seeing rubbish in the ocean during the BOC race )

Australian of the Year 1994
'Clean Up Australia' Chairman
As a result, he organised a highly successful ‘Clean Up Sydney Harbour’ event in January 1989.
The following year, the first Clean up Australia Day took place on Sunday, 21 January. Again, the response of Australians...

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