IB Physics syllabus

IB Physics syllabus

IB Physics (HL) Scope and Sequence 2013-2014

SEMESTER ONE (August 26 – January 17)

Topic 9: Motion in Fields (includes Review of Topic 2) 15 Days
Projectile Motion
Gravitational Field, Potential Energy
Electric field, potential energy
Orbital Motion

Topic 10: Thermal Physics (includes Review of Topic 3) 15 Days
Second law of thermodynamics/entropy

Topic 11: Waves (includes Review of Topic 4 & Option A) 20 Days
Standing Waves
Doppler Effect

Topic 12: Electromagnetic Induction (includes Review of Topic 5) 10 Days
Induced EMF
Alternating Current
Transmission of electrical power

Option E: Astrophysics (HL) 25 Days
Introduction to the universe
Stellar radiation and stellar types
Stellar distance
Stellar processes and stellar evolution
Galaxies and the expanding universe

*Contingency Days, Testing Days 5 Days

End Semester One: January 17, 2014

*Contingency days are used when a scheduled day of instruction is conflicted with another school activity (campus-wide testing, assemblies, etc) or when an instructional day must be missed by the teacher.


Topic 13: Quantum physics and nuclear physics 25 Days
(includes Review of Topic 7)
Quantum physics
Nuclear physics

Topic 14: Digital Technology 10 Days
Analog and Digital signals
Data capture; digital imaging using CCDs

Option H: Relativity 30 Days*
Introduction to relativity
Concepts of special relativity
Relativistic kinematics
Consequences of special relativity
Evidence supporting special relativity
Relativistic momentum and energy
General relativity
Evidence supporting general relativity

*Spring Break (March 10 – 14)

Review of SL Material for IB Examination 10 Days
Review of HL Material for IB Examination 5 Days

IB Physics Exam TBA

Post Examination: Additional...

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