Ibm and the Holocaust

Ibm and the Holocaust

IBM and Holocaust

Answer 1& 2: How responsible is IBM for the atrocities that the Nazis committed & should IBM have been held accountable.

I would like to club my answers for both the questions, as I feel that I will be able to express more freely & clearly in this manner.

Before writing my answer, I would like to tell that I always admired IBM as one of the most powerful businesses in world & dreamed of working with them but after reading the article my views have completely changed & now I don’t get motivated by IBM in any way. In fact, my view point to IBM has completely changed as I was not aware of IBM’s contribution to the Nazi’s atrocities.

IBM sold, maintained and controlled the punch card machines that were used by the German government between 1933 and 1945. Therefore, I would like to allege, IBM "implemented, aided, assisted or consciously participated in the commission of crimes against humanity and violations of human rights”.

The connect between IBM and its dynamic leader, Thomas J. Watson, and the program of genocide carried out against European Jewry over the 12-year reign of Germany's Third Reich. Those who controlled, applied and supported IBM's information processing technology are implicated in operationalizing the lethal ideology of the National Socialist German Workers (Nazi) Party. Considering relationships between the fascist and the capitalist extremes provides a starting point in a dialogue that challenges the privileged position of instrumental rationality in evaluating choices related to the development, implementation, and application of information technology.

There are several events to study in the during that time & one of them is

1) The historical episode wherein over six million European Jews were exterminated. The time period covers the Third Reich's 12-year reign from 1933 to 1945

The influence of U.S. capitalists represents the focus of the investigation. IBM, its professional service personnel, and...

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