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Can’t help missing it

Introduction :
Who does not love to have life camping everyday? Imagine a place with absolutely no electricity, no telephone , no TV , no water supply yet full of lively activities - sound like camping here in the United States. That was my childhood life.
Hi I am Mujibur rahman. I will walk you through my fascinating life in rural Bangladesh.

Body :

Help the audience picture my village :

I grew up in a rural village of size 4x4 sq-mile and of population about 2000 people – most of them are farmers and some lucky ones are landlord who lease their land and get half of the produce. Houses are mostly built from hay or some special kind of processed leaves ( do not know English name. Called ‘gol pata’ in my language ) and bamboo ( similar to hut house here ) and are further apart than the houses in the urban area ( very similar to scaled version of ranch here ) . The lucky ones has brick house. We are one of those lucky ones. Every home has a pond in the middle which they used for shower and fishing. Every home is surrounded by lot of green trees – from small shrub to very large tree. The only school in our village has first grade to 10th grade and about ¼ mile away from our home. There are tube-wells usually shared by group of villagers for drinking water. Kerosene lanterns – wicked lamp and hurricane lamp - which you mostly see here hanging in red lobster or Joe’s crab restaurant for decoration – are used to light their houses. Of course there is no phone line or TV in my village. People get together in a close by shop or in the veranda in their house and chat about village politics for their entertainment. No body knows any body’s physical address. Bur Everybody knows every body. For postal mail make sure you write your father’s name after your name as C/O ( i.e. care of ). If anybody get sick there are clinic in the nearby bazaar where...