Ict Analysis

Ict Analysis



The end user of my project is the practice manager who works at the Park House Dentist surgery. There are two dentists and one hygienist who work in the surgery.
The dentist is part of the National Health Service but do charge for independent private treatments. The dental surgery is open 5 days a week; this includes Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
The system which I will design for the dentist will be located at the front desk reception. This is where the Practice Manager records appointments from walk in patients or from phone calls, but all employees will use the system to update patient details.
There are four people working at the surgery altogether. The practice manager and other staff are not trained to use the system; they tend to learn how to use the system by watching and learning from other members of staff.
At present the booking system is mainly done by pen and paper but it is also partially computerised. Therefore it is creating problems for the end user; these include difficulty of changing data, length of time it takes to book an appointment and also the presentation of the booking details which may not be readable to other members of staff.
I have been going to this dental surgery for 6 years and they approached me as an ICT student and asked me whether I would be happy to design a new computerised system for their surgery. It should be based roughly on the information used in their current system.

Statement of Problem

There are problems with the current system as I found in the interview with the practice manager. The main problem is that they are running a computer and paper based system, which can be very time consuming especially when searches have to be done for appointments and patient details. It means that the staff has to look for patient files and look through dentist’s diary (current system) to see when they have free time or any appointments. By using this system staff at the surgery...

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