Ict Policies

Ict Policies

Companies must meet expectations and take responsibilities of health and safety and comply with other statuary Lawful requirements. Many companies provide training for their staff so that their employees are aware of the hazards so that they can pick theses out before they happen; or even prevent it doing so. Companies are responsible for providing/doing the following for their staff when working near or at an IT environment:
a) There should be adequate space around desks so that people can move freely without hurting themselves.
b) Bags and obstacles should be stored out of way so tripping hazards should not occur
c) Tables and desks should be robust enough to withhold the heavy equipment like computers
d) There should be satisfactory heating and ventilation for the workplace.
e) Fire extinguishers must be provided, including specialists fire extinguishers for electrical fires.
f) All the wires must be out of sight and should be secured away so that tripping does not occur or pulling them accidentally.

The Health and Safety regulations (1992) states that an employer must (if applicable to their work):
a) Provide tilt able screens may be to protect the neck aching.
b) Provide anti-glare screen filters
c) Provide adjustable chairs
d) Provide foot supports may be to allow easy circulation of blood to the feet.
e) Making sure that lighting is suitable may be so that the employee’s eyes aren’t at strain.
f) Train employees how to use work stations properly
g) Ensure employees have sufficient breaks
h) Pay for regular eyesight tests if employees need prescription glasses in order to use the computers.

Local company
Free Bridge Community Housing-

Freebridge Community Housing was set up in 2006. They are registered with the Homes and Communities Agency and own and manage around 7,000 homes and 17 sheltered schemes in West Norfolk.
Free Bridge community Housing employ around 200 people, including their...

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