Ict Unit 11 P5

Ict Unit 11 P5

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P5 - produce a requirements specification for a business process

Proposed System

Parry’s electrical store is currently using an old system which is not beneficial to his business. The reason for this is because the current system has faults which fail to store the customer data. So he wants to produce a system which will enable his business to store customer record into the system. Therefore, I will be suggesting features which will enable Parry’s electrical store to record data into the system easily.

Task 1 – Must be able to describe proposed system

Customer calls in
Record customer details into the database system
Customer has options to select enquiry from the automated system.
The assistant will validate the customer
The assistant will search for solutions to solve the query
The assistant will deal with the enquiry by using the previous existing data from the database system

Task 2 – List at least five user requirements of the proposed system

Database System -The system should be a database system as it enables to find customer records and keep a record of their details. This will enable Parry’s electrical store to record customer details into the system so it remains secured. Also they will be able to view the records of valid customers from the existing files.

Record Call Logs - The system should be able to record call logs as this will enable the assistant to go back and listen to the customer’s details and enquiry. This will allow Parry’s electrical store to confirm the customer’s details whenever they are in doubt about the customer details.

Find and Retain Customer Detail - The system should be able to find and retain customer details also built in with an automated system, so when the customer calls in the automated system will answer the call and record the customer details.

System Update - The system should be fast and effective and should be able to access the system easily. The reason for this is because when...

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