Ideal Pet

Ideal Pet

The Ideal Pet: A Descriptive Paragraph

Most of the writing we will do in our lives is expository: writing in which we explain something to someone else. We’ll begin with simple descriptive expository paragraphs and then progress to more sophisticated persuasive essays. Your first assignment is to write one detailed expository paragraph describing the ideal pet. Your pet may be real or imaginary.

Your paragraph must include the following qualities of effective writing:
• A heading in the upper right hand corner (your name, period, date)
• An appropriate and interesting title
• An interesting opening topic sentence which lets the reader know that you will be discussing the perfect pet. This opening sentence should entice the reader to continue reading.
• Supporting sentences which include vivid details to show the reader why this is an ideal pet.
• Transition words that introduce each of your new points (see this webpage
• A concluding statement which effectively wraps up your paragraph.
• Grammar goals:
o complete sentences ( subject & verb agreement
o correct verb tenses ( correct spelling

Sample Descriptive Expository Paragraph

Goldfish: The Ideal Pet

Goldfish make the best imaginable pets. First of all, goldfish are extremely quiet. They don’t bark, meow, chirp, squawk, screech, or race around the house while you and your neighbors are trying to sleep. Second, goldfish are very small and easy to house. These diminutive animals don’t usually grow much bigger than a few inches. Therefore, they don’t take up more than fifteen square inches in a crowded house or apartment. In addition, goldfish are very economical pets. You can buy a goldfish at your local pet store for about 50 cents, and a small bowl for it costs less than $3.00. Water is practically free. Also, they eat only a...

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