Ideas to Make Classroom Fun

Ideas to Make Classroom Fun

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Acquiring new vocabulary needs to be fun for student and teacher alike. Otherwise all lessons become staid and uneventful experiences. Therefore a wide range of learning activities need to be organized and effectively implemented to teach vocabulary. You must remember the purpose is to get students to understand and use words and expressions in many diverse situations. Our job is arousing the learner’s senses and creative tools/aids can be used to stimulate, improve and retain the necessary information. They may include some or all of the subsequent.


All teachers and students like to use and participate in games as they can teach and strengthen the vocabulary points. Examples are wide and ranging and could include vocabulary bingo, prefix and suffix games, card games, vocabulary crosswords etc.
Films, Television and Videos

Different types of audio-visual products are available to support the teacher in teaching. For example specific educational learning videos that concentrate on areas of English. It’s better to offer more variety possibly clips from well-known films or television programs.They can show real life situations in the case of documentaries. The teacher can select pieces of vocabulary to concentrate on.
Multisensory Vocabulary
Guidelines and Activities
Have structure and organization behind the words you present. Rather than randomly selected words "at their grade level," present words in related groups. Examples: Present words about feelings, and make a poster with the students, with different words to describe being "afraid" or "happy."
Incorporate multisensory learning from the beginning. Many students gain a lot if an illustration or demonstration is presented first. Later, when the word is used or its meaning discussed, they have an image to associate it with, and are more likely to learn from the discussion as well as from the...

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