Identifying Issues at Kudler Fine Foods

Identifying Issues at Kudler Fine Foods

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Identifying Issues
Mary Jo Bate
A paper
submitted in partial fulfillment of the
requirements for MGT 521
University of Phoenix Online
Dr Julie Ballaro

Identifying Issues
The purpose of this individual assignment was for the author to examine the strategic plan at the Kudler Fine Foods Company, University of Phoenix. (2008), in order to define the difference between an issue and a problem, and determine what some of the issues are at Kudler Fine Foods.

Problem versus Issue
In order to understand the issues facing Kudler Fine Foods it is important to first define and clarify the difference between and issue and a problem.
According to Robbins & Judge (2007), A problem is the difference between a current
situation and what the company or individual would like the situation to be like. A problem is more focused on a state of affairs. In addition, there must be “alternative courses of action” to be considered (Robbins & Judge, 2007). An example of a problem might be competitors taking over the market place.
Unlike a problem, an issue is focused on a concern and not a state of affairs. The concern must be one that people disagree about and which allows them to make a claim (Clouse, 2008). In addition “the issue and claim must be debatable (Clouse, 2008). An example of an issue might be consideration of opening more stores.

Issues facing Kudler Fine Foods
In reading the strategic plan for Kudler Fine Foods, University of Phoenix (2008) the author was able to identify several issues facing this company. The three issues this author will focus on for this paper are adding more product line, expansion of the Kudler Fine Foods brand outside California, and bringing in outside managers, (University of Phoenix, 2009).
Adding more product line
One issue facing Kudler Fine Foods is the possibility of adding more product line to their current inventory (University of Phoenix,...

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