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IDIS First Summary
“A walk through the bible”

In his summarization of the bible, Lesslie Newbigin tries to tell the story of the bible in a way that everyone can understand. In today’s society, many people, including devout Christian’s, find it difficult to relate to a text that is century’s old. Many people find it easy to classify as outdated and irrelevant to daily life. Through his lucid and compelling writing, Newbigin attempts to reverse this style of thinking and proclaims the Bible as the story of the history of humankind. Newbigin’s style of writing challenges readers to deepen both their knowledge and their level of Christian faith. The focal point of this short novel is to preach the story of God’s children and people.

The first Chapter states that the Bibl was a book that the European’s were familiar with. The bible was taught through readings, preaches, liturgy and sacraments, music and architecture. Usually, the bible was the only book found in most households. Newbigin attests that the bible is filled with wisdom, and within it, we can find the help and guidance we are looking for. Newbigin also dawns on the interaction with a friend of Hindu background, who says that the Bible is not a religion but a historical interpretation of the creation of the world that there is a human story found within it. The bible is a book of encouragement. In Genesis, it is described that there has been a loss in the bond and relationship between God and his children due to human’s suspicion being strong and tempting desires being strong. However, God will not give up on us, we are his children.

In chapter two, good and evil begin to creep in. The events of Adam and Eve and the loss of trust between God and his people are described. God chose three people to help save and relinquish what had been lost: Noah, Abraham and Moses. God wiped the human race in hopes of starting afresh from the corruption and fighting seen by God in the...