Idk Man

Idk Man


GFC Study Control Group Log: ID#C0210

|Week One |Benefit |Risk |Enticement Measure |Comments |
| |(Liked) |(May not have liked) | | |
|Dietary Video |The information presented |Presentation was very long and |Although this subject may |The presenter doesn’t exactly |
||taught me new things about |seemed to drag out at times. |not be of interest to some |make this “exciting”. Again, |
|details.php?webcastid=21216 |obesity that I was not | |I feel this information is |the video was quite long but I|
| |aware of. | |good for everyone to know |do feel that it was |
| | | |whether you are obese or |interesting and informative. |
| | | |not. | |

|Week Two |Benefit |Risk |Enticement Measure |Comments |
| |(Liked) |(May not have liked) | | |
|Fitness Article |I liked how the article |n/a |A guide for people to live |I liked how this article |
|Control 1 |promoted exercise. It | |a healthier lifestyle. |stressed the importance of |
| |suggested other |...

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