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The charts indiacate the types of work occupied by people from province A and province B in England, although there are a lot differences of percentage between 2 provinces.
First of all, let talk about most significant type, business in province A occupied 70% while that in province B is only 10%, that means business occupied in province A is 60% more. Architecture occupied in this 2 provinces are in equal percentage ( 20% ). On the contrary, domestic service in province A ( 8% ) is much less than that from province B ( 67% ) so the service in province A less than nearly 60% than that in province B. Others type in this two provinces are nearly similar ( province A 2%, province B 3% )
To sum up, the two charts show clearly people from the two provinces do almost the same types of work in England, but the proportions of people who do the same work vary significantly.

Letter Writing
Dear Sir or Madam,
I’m sorry to bother you with this letter, I am writing to place a complaint against the water taps in my apartment.
It has been leaking for a few days, although I twisted the cap firmly. Not only it wastes the valuable resource, but also make me hard to concentrate to study, I can’t sleep well too.
I have informed the maintenance office of the matter, and they promised to come and fix it. Two days have passed but they still not come and they just answered they are too busy.
I can’t endure it any more and I suggest that you send someone to come and solve the problem as soon as possible, as this is the duty of your team workers. If my demand is not accepted and put in practiced, I would resort to other measures.

Oil is called the “ blood of industry “. It seems that the world would collapse without oil.
What is your opinion about this matter ?

Nowaday, Oil is the main fuel for for producing energy, especially for industry. Many people say “ oil is the blood of industry “. Although other source have been use like nuclear power,...

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