If I Could Turn Back Time

If I Could Turn Back Time

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Back in June, when I graduated high school, I was all signed up to go to Western. That’s what the parents wanted, so I went along with it. I grew up forty minutes away, so they always hooped that I would go there one day. I had plans of my own though. I did some research on the internet and decided that I was going to instead follow Aerosmith on the road. They’ve been my favorite band since I was 7. Plus, I have always liked technical stuff like that. I knew my parents would be disappointed, but I went along pretending that I would start in the fall with all the other incoming freshman. I would be with my mom at Target and she would pick up stuff like towels and sheets saying, “You’re going to need these for the dorm,” and I would feel so bad, but I couldn’t let her know my real plans.

So I went on with my plans to hit the road while everybody else was hitting the books. I made secret plans like buying all black clothes and practicing my roadie skills by doing tech work at local talent shows and piano recitals. Of course, there was orientation, too. I had to go, to play along with my scheme. So, I went and something totally unexpected happened�I fell in love. I know, how can I betray me feelings for Aerosmith? But I fell in love with WMU. Hard to believe, but true. I liked the campus, I liked the classes offered, I liked my roommate, heck, I even liked the dorm food. I was hooked. This was so much different than high school. I didn’t really like high school, but I never considered that college might be better. I was so surprised, but glad, that I ending up liking college so much.

So the rest of the summer, I happily prepared for the move�to the dorms, not to the tour. When my mom picked up stuff like paper towels and soft soap for me, I didn’t have to feel bad anymore. And things are great now that I’m closing out my first year at WMU. I still have no idea what my major will be, but I’m having such a good time here with all my new friends that it...

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