If I Won Lottery

If I Won Lottery

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"I've won the first prize!"

I couldn't explained how I feel that moment. I couldn't believe what I have seen. With my hands shivering, I passed the newspaper to my wife."It's true! The first prize is exactly 8888!" I burst into uncontrollable laughter. The first prize! I wasn't dreaming. One million ringgit was in my hand! This would not happened if I didn't spend hundred ringgit in buying lottery yesterday. How lucky I was! Undoubtedly , I was already a millionaire!

The next day,I gave my family a treat in Restaurant Beijing which cost about 500 hundred ringgit. This was the first time we had eaten so many dishes in such a high-class restaurant including abalone, scallop, tiger prawns, just to name a few. We also had bird nest as our desserts. After dinner, we went to Johor Premium's Outlet to buy some clothes for our 4-night-5-day trip to Japan next week. We have never been to foreign country before and all of us were excited to set off for our first flight in our life.

However, something began to change in our family. Although we had become a rich family in a sudden, we seemed not so happy as before. After possessing the latest Iphone 5, my son seldom talk to us as he has already immersed himself in the world of phone game. He rather use phone message to inform my wife that he refused to eat dinner even if he was in his room. As for my daughter, she became so insensible as she began to ask for buying branded things after I had won the lottery. She even spend her pocket money lavishly to buy anything for her friends. She was just to show off that how rich her father was.

My wife was an accountant before and she quit her job after I had won the lottery. She used to help me in my boutique shop before but now she went out with Mrs. Tan and Mrs. Wong everyday and she must be carrying many plastic bags containing her new shoes, new clothes and her cosmetics when she came back. Apart from this, my attitude in working also change as I was not as...

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