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´╗┐Name: Aliana
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Five Reasons Living to Another Country is Good for You
Throughout the years many people rather live abroad then stay in their home country. There are reasons why they choose to live to another country because of family issues, the country is expensive to live in or running away from someone. Because of these reasons people are force to leave their country.

Experience a new Culture
The cultures are really different from one to another because there are many countries out there. The lifestyle and foods will likely be different as people intend to live with these condition, because there is no other choice and the language is different as well. In other word with time you will get used to it because everyone fit in.Therefore foods and the diversity in the country is really different from your own country and also to have the chance to experience the people in their belief with time and however music is a big part of the country in term of the bigger events of the year within the country. To experience the people everyday life and how they greets each other every day as well, more important the cuisine of the country because they will be many different dishes to experience as well.

Meet new people
It is avoidable to not meet new people every day because living within completely different country you will have to meet people and interact with in some point one way or another. Also interacting with different people help you to have more confidence and open minded about things you do not know in the country like laws and living together. Also is up to you to adopt the right attitude when approaching someone and it is a good experience to interact with different people different background it help you to feel like you are at home.

Work in a new country
Working in a new country can be difficult because of the language and currency as well, it is not easy to work around...

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