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Science Story

“We’re going to have visitors next week!” exclaimed an excited Billy, who was, like all his other peers, still in the last million years of cooling. “By that time next week we will be strong healthy granite!” yelled another (almost) granite. “We have been at this for millions of years already, it’s about time!” yelled another soul. Billy and his two friends Margaret and Matthew had been forming near each other for the past 10 million years or so, being so young they often lost track.

Surely enough that Wednesday, (Thursday for Billy), the rather exuberant trio was done cooling. They were all sizeable masses of granite each with pink and white spots of their own and crystal sizes ranging from 1mm to 10mm. The next day they would meet peers from above the earth’s surface. Being so young and only having lived in the underground they had rejoiced when they were told that for this special occasion they would get visitors.

Meeting such people was not common so all of their friends and peers lined up to wait for the arrival of the visitors.

On Friday the visitors finally arrived. They were all masses of shiny, light, non-vesicular Rhyolite with crystal sizes from what it appeared less than 1 mm in size.

“Ha-ha you guys have small crystals!” yelled Matthew

”Small crystals, small crystals!” cried an unruly elder passing by which only excited the children even more.

Soon both the children and the elder were chanting the same derogatory remark at the visitors.

“At least we aren’t as slow as you people are!” Yelled the one who seemed to be the leader “while you people took 10 million years to form, we took a matter of minutes for such an escapade and continued with our lives!” he continued.

“Calm down James” consoled one of his fellow conspirators

“You too Matthew and whatever your name is” called Billy motioning towards the now hostile senior citizen.

“Both points are valid but remember had our dear visitors not...

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