Directions: For this study guide and all that follow, read the chapter(s) entirely. Answer the questions (or define the terms) on this sheet. Do so accurately and thoroughly. Add information to it during class, and use to review for your tests. You are responsible for accuracy.

Chapter 1

List three reasons why government and politics matter.
The role of government is to make and enforce policies
politics is who get what and how
They help people with critical thinking

Describe the level of engagement of citizens in the political process (cite three examples).
voting, voters vote the representatives to vote for presidents
tax, people paying food tax…
military service

Describe voter turnout rates.
the percentage of eligible voters who cast a ballot in an election.

Why does voter turnout matter?
because it depends how the country will be like

Describe how technological innovations have changed the political landscape.
If the technology innovates, it will change the living standard of the whole community, it will also innovate people’s perspective toward the world

Government- formal vehicle through which policies are made and affairs of state are conducted

List the functions of governments around the world –
a. policymaker
b. try to satisfy people’s desires.

Politics- The process by which we select our governmental leaders and what policies these leaders pursue. “Who did what, when, and how.”

Democracy-A system of selecting policymakers and of organizing government so that policy represents and responds to the public’s preferences.

Majority rule-A fundamental principle of traditional democratic theory. In a democracy, choosing among alternatives requires that the majority’s desire be respected.

Minority rights- A principle of traditional democratic theory that guarantees rights to those who do not belong to majorities and allows that they might join majorities through persuasion and reasoned argument....