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Chapter 5 the Industrial Revolution


What did you think of the poems that you just read? Which one are you going to choose?
For this final assignment for the Poetry module, I want you to choose either the poem ‘Green Memory’ by Langston Hughes OR ‘St. George’ by Nancy Senior. Once you have chosen which poem you would like to use to complete your essay, I would like you to complete the following steps in full and then submit everything in one document.
PART 1- Please answer the following questions, they will help you analyze and think about the direction you will be taking with your expository paper. Please answer each of these questions in paragraph form (10 Marks)
a) Explain who or what is being ridiculed in your chosen poem.
The choices of the government during World War II is being ridiculed in this poem. Even though the government was in need of soldiers, (as Franklin Roosevelt imposed conscription) the government refused to allow black soldiers to fight. As a result to this, the blacks are staying home, making a decent wage, while every other male American is going off to war and getting killed.
b) What year did the author write this poem? This question will require research! What was occurring in society during the time period in which this poem was written?

This poem was written in 1951, during this time period, World War 2 has ended and the Cold War has begun. The African-Americans had very few rights in this past society resulting in their lack of participation in WWII, the North Korean War, and the Vietnam War.
c) Analyze this poem and explain what you believe the theme of this poem is. How did the author use satire to help bring this theme to fruition?
Racial segregation can affect the country as a whole. Conscription is a very bold move by any political leader, and in this case, conscription could have been prevented. However, due to racial segregation, the country was forced to impose conscription for the war, therefore,...

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