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International Literacy Day-September 8
Essay Writing

What will I do to improve the literacy rate of my country if I were the education minister

Education has caused a lot of good to the world. We see that whereas it used to be a luxury which only a few could afford, education is now practically available to every human in the world. Whereas people used to be subservient to their rulers, now people everywhere stand for their rights. This knowledge, of what is their right, is brought about education.

Every country in the enormous world has to be in a good position in the field of education and literacy in order to maintain its standard or progress. Why are most countries ahead of us? Probably, they put in more efforts to promote the literacy among people. We need to enhance ourselves in the field of education because our literacy rate is not acceptable enough

In the 1998 Population Census, a literate person has been defined as
“One who can read newspaper and write a simple letter in any language.” Literacy rate means the percentage of a country’s literate people.

Today the literacy rate of our country is about 49.9 % which is even lesser than India’s and China’s. Male population is 63% whereas female is 36%, comparatively less. Possible reasons could be lack of sufficient resources and defective educational policies. Each one of us has a wish, a desire that our country should have developed, even if only in education. If I were the education minister of my country, I would work diligently to pave the path of my country towards advancement.

First of all, I would change the educational policies, which are not worthy of being followed. I would convert these into effective and efficient ones, according to the needs.

Secondly, I would increase the number of schools, as there are not enough resources for those living in backward areas. I would provide free course books for those who cannot afford to buy them. I will try to make affordable and...