Illustration Game Violence

Illustration Game Violence

The impact on children who play Video games

Children that play violent video games for extended periods of time show many abnormal behaviors. They tend to be more aggressive, are more prone to confrontation with their teachers and may engage in fights with their peers, and you will soon see a decline in school achievements. Players are rewarded for their violent acts. Players benefit from engaging in acts of violence and are then able to move to the game's next level.
Most children that play violent video games tend to be more aggressive than the teens that don’t. My friends little sister, Savanna, plays Grand Theft Auto Vice City. She constantly tries to repeat everything she sees in the game. She doesn’t know the difference between reality and the game. What she sees in the game she thinks is okay, and she will try to do it in real life.

Children will be more prone to confrontations with their teachers and engage in more fights with their peers. When I was in the sixth grade, James Bond 007 was just becoming more popular. One of my closest friends, Alexa, played this game non-stop at home. She would come to school and act as if she was still in the game. She would tell her teachers that they needed to back off before she launches her grenade at her. She would also go up to kids that were younger than her and start picking on them and fight them. Alexa got suspended at least fifteen times our sixth grade year for fighting and for yelling and threatening the teacher.

The children that play these video games soon become addicted. They don’t want to do anything else but play these games. Their school work will soon begin to pushed off and not be done. Rico, my sister’s ex-boyfriend, failed his fifth grade year because of video games. He was addicted to play station 2. Everyday after school he would come to our house and play our play station 2. He would always tell his mother and my mother that he didn’t have any homework. Rico would hide his report...

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