ilm leadership

ilm leadership

The factors that influence me in the choices I make as a Manager/Team Leader are as follows:

1 I grew up in a tough part of S.E London. My father had very fashioned ethics. We were brought up to know that children were to take part in daily activities to the best of their ability and if they weren't we were made to do it again and again until, he decided that it was good enough. A saying he always used was "if you do it do it properly" another was "treat others how you want to be treated" Both of these sayings are engrained in me. I think of them in pretty much everything I do. I was one of 6 children all of us had to work as a team in the house all be it whilst doing the chores or supporting one another out and about.

I have owned my own business and I had one employee. I would say that I was using a style of management called "Laissez-Faire" at that time because it was a shop selling Designer Clothing and didn't need much other than to sell the clothing, help the customers and be polite and clean and tidy. This employee had worked in a store before (although my shop was only small) so she had Experience and at that time I was just looking for someone to open up sell the clothing and close down at the end of the day and lock up.

In hindsight now. I probably should have been a bit more Democratic, I say this because at the time I thought that I could do it all on my own. I didn't think I needed anyone else's input. I suppose that I saw this as a weakness rather than gathering up someone else's knowledge in the selling of clothing industry.

I now at times have to put myself into a supervisory role at work when I am the only senior working. I work in a fitness club and shift patterns. If the co-ordinations are unavailable I.e off shift usually the next best person. Usually the more experienced in the role, takes over the responsibility of ensuring that things in the club run smoothly and effectively and if there is a problem that it de-escalates as...

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