Image Reports

Image Reports

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Image 1, Bikie (Representation of Social Groups)

The history of bikie gangs date back to the late 1800’s, over the years motorcycle gangs have risen in popularity. Bikie gangs are commonly, mean, tough and strong group of guys that ride Harley Davison motorcycles wherever they want whenever they want. Image 1 is a photo of a gang of Australian bikies, they heading to a place we don’t know and even they don’t know. Attila Szilvasi has taken this image, and focused on representation of a bikie social group, in particular the Australian Comanchero gang. This image gives us a general stereotype of the way bikies are presented to the public. Within this picture we can detect technical, symbolic and written codes, this gives the picture meaning and helps us with the interpretation of the picture. All images contain codes and conventions but this image in particular has certain features, which makes it unique, and shows us the representation of a modern age bikie.

The positioning of the camera is very important to the photo; it helps us view the situation in a way that makes it unique. In this image we view the image at an eye level angle, this helps the viewer feel like they are present in the photo and are apart of surrounding society. As a Viewer of this image I almost feel as if I'm riding my Harley Davison with those men on the open road. The photo is taken at mid range length, this encourages the viewer to look at the fine details found in the image e.g. number plate, logos and most important to a bikie, the bike. The angle and shot is really important to this illustration because it helps us view the representation of a bikie as a big, strong and free man.

All the time people we are being stereotyped on our looks appearance and expressions; this is not always a good thing especially towards a bikie. Stereotypically bikies have beards, baldhead, and tattoos, wear leather clothing with logo patches and glasses but image 1 does pull you away from the common...

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