imaginative journey

imaginative journey

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“A text and its contextual values are linked in their key exploration of the key ideas of the elective.”
To what extent is this true of the 2 texts you have studied for this elective.

A journey is an act of travelling from one place to another. A process that allows an individual to conclude; a realisation of their surroundings, life and persona. It is an essential tool towards the process of growth. The imaginative journey challenges the concept of reality prompting a different world a vivid ingenuity, a new state of mind. The imaginative journey allows contemplation, this succours the individual to distinguish their faults; to enjoy the little things instead of living in a world that are full of superficial people with redundant expectations of society. The texts “Tintern Abbey” by William Wordsworth and Giuseppe Tornatore’s “Cinema Paradiso” both employ their context in their respective time to facilitate an imaginative journey that bares their distresses towards humanity. Each persona’s spiritual transformation enables them to appreciate the world at the same time acting as a conductor for revaluation of our own lives in the 21st century.

Wordsworth’s poetry is enticing, captivating. He uses nature as a tool; it evokes him to see through the facade of reality, that limits our vision in everyday life. His poetry is a celebration of nature coupled with a cardinal sense of loss of spiritual intertwinement created by urbanisation. His nostalgic memories of the abbey enlightened him thus creating a oneness with nature; by transcending everyday experiences humanity has an opportunity to belong on another plane. “Of present pleasure, but with pleasing thoughts that in this moment there is life and food.” The nostalgic memory of revisiting the abbey shows the pleasure he feels at being back in Tintern abbey, a source of joy and comfort.

Imaginative journeys have two outcomes. It could either be an exhilarating journey or a potentially treacherous...

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