Imformative Speech on Ultrasound

Imformative Speech on Ultrasound

Outline worksheet
General purpose __inform_______
Specific purpose:___inform the audience of the importance in fetal ultrasounds.______
Central idea: Have you ever wondered what a baby looks like in the mother womb. Well im going to show you but first lets talk about Fetal ultrasounds or sonograms. They are image techniques used through out a pregnancy to detect growth or problems like down syndrome. Down syndrome is the most common cause of mental retardation and has an incidence of between 1:600 and 1:800 pregnancies( 2013). I have had 3 utrasounds done with my son and during this pregnancy I've had 2 already.
Preview: lets see how the ultrasounds work, why they do them and what kinds of ultrasounds are used.
I. how fetal ultrasounds work
ultrasounds use a electronic device called a transducer____________________
A. they use high frequency sound waves to produce images.
1. They sound waves bounce off fetus like a echo
2. They send and receive the sound waves to produce images. (electronic pictures)
B. they use a clear gel to move the transducer around
1. To get the best sound conduction.

C. there are no known risk other than mild discomfort from transducer pressure on adomin or vagina (john hopkins, 2010)

Transition statement: now that I have told you how ultrasounds work lets move on to why they do them.
II. _why ultrasounds are done through out the pregnancy.___

A. _to evaluate the fetus,
1. heart, brain, head, spine, placenta, amnionic fluid, stomach, umbilical cord, and kidneys.
2. they check the size and position of fetus. Gestational age.
C. they also do the ultrasounds to check for birth defects.
1. cleft lip
2. club foot
3. down syndrome
B. trimesters
1. 1st determin gestation age, how many fetusess
2. 2nd size of baby, position, major defects
3. make sure fetus is alive and moving, size portion of fetus, umbilical, placenta, and amniotic fluid. (mayo 2012)
Transition statement: now...

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