Img-Rotate an Italian Family Birthday

Img-Rotate an Italian Family Birthday

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Birthdays are a very special time of the year to the individual. It signifies another year passed in the life and gives the individual time to reflect on all they have accomplished within the past year. This leads to a traditional celebration, and with a good celebration, you need good food. Buca di Beppo is the perfect place to go for any aged birthday bash. Located on 13390 Jamboree Rd., Buca di Beppo is approximately 5 miles from Irvine Valley College. Through the intriguing history behind the restaurant, the exciting environment, and the generous portions of authentic Italian food, one cannot go wrong when hosting a birthday at this restaurant.

I walked through the doors of Buca di Beppo for the first time with about sixteen girls behind me, in celebration for my best friend Katie’s birthday. As we approached the host stand, the hostess was already prepared with our reservation for 7:00. She greeted us with the most sincere smile and walked us back to the table. She sat us at the “Pope’s Table”, which seats twelve to eighteen people. At Buca di Beppo, they strive to make the dining experience as authentic as possible. The “Pope’s Table” spins to accommodate the family sized portions that are meant to be shared around the table. Doing this, allows Buca di Beppo to bring the traditional Italian family culture dining experience to the restaurant and their guests. As I sat down at the monumental table, my eyes moved in every direction. I couldn’t help but to admire the historic Italian family photos and the candid shots of Italian- American icons such as Joe DiMaggio and Sophia Loren scattered all along the walls in a cluttered collage format. It was remarkable; there was not one blank spot on the wall. It gave my friends and I a lot to talk about before our meal came.

The exciting and diverse clientele of Buca di Beppo allowed the birthday bash to be filled with interesting conversations and new connections. The restaurant was filled with the most...

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