Immigrants and Health Care

Immigrants and Health Care

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Thairis Rivas
Research Paper

Immigrants and Health Care

Do you want to know what the Hot Topic now a days is ? NO, Not the latest Celebrity brake-ups or Fashion but Immigration. It may not seem a very fun topic but It is a very serious one. It is something that is affecting not only our community but the world as a whole. One of the most popular issues that has to do with immigration is health care. There are both negatives and positives on undocumented immigrants receiving health care in the United States. Through this research paper you will see both negatives and positives of this very important hot topic.

Why do Undocumented Immigrants come to the United States in the first place?
The answer is kind of obvious. To look for a better life and future not only for them but for their family and children. Everyone wants a better life for their children and would like to give them everything they didn't have in their child hood. So they sacrifice themselves to go through this long and dangerous journey of coming here to the U.S to accomplish that. Even though some don't really want to come here they still do because it's a necessity and the only way out is to come here in search for help and a better life.

For example this individual by the name of Manuel according to Revolution “Manuel didn’t want to leave his home. “I love the countryside and being among my people. But it was time for me to think about my mom and my younger brothers and sisters. It’s impossible to make a living off the land anyway, so I came here to make money and send money to my family and to build a little house in my town.” He said most of the guys his age had already left his town by the time he, too, left.”(website)

There are countless stories like Manuel's and according to Revolution “he is one of the estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S., exploited in farm fields, sweatshops, meat-packing plants, restaurants,...

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