Immigration in Canada

Immigration in Canada

` Told him the grass was greener
with an endless flood of possibilities Katrina
Watch him drown in debt
Land confiscated by the local government
So he flies high in a jet 
Plane, plain clothes just exposed him
To the harsh winters of life
And his wife won't know
Bout the sweat soaked in the bank notes
Sent home, boy getting grown, now he starts to groan
Stomachs rumbling
Hungry for a better life now he's stumbling
Over foreign phonetics and verb tenses
laughing at his accent
It's not an accident
That his masters in economics isn't honored
Most economic for a father
is to hop his ass in a cab, 
And never bother.. 
getting out that car OR his dreams
Memorize the route
and collect the fare
It isn't fair
When they say "you don't belong here"
With your long beard
And that towel round your head
Hear what was said?

Soak up the hate
Can you relate?

Life of an immigrant

Immigration in Canada: The Life of an Immigrant

Many of us here in this room might not know the struggles that immigrants in Canada have to go through. Some of us here may have parents that were immigrants and are told stories about how they came to Canada with a couple of dollars in their pockets and a single suitcase. We tend to take these stories as a joke, not recognizing the fact that the life of an immigrant isn’t as easy as it seems. The Canadian government to this day fails to identify foreign degrees, and newcomers are forced to work in places where their skills are not fully recognized. Imagine spending thousands of dollars and years of your life studying, only to come to a new country and have everything go to waste. Based on a research study done in Canada, the number #1 difficulty that new immigrants faced was finding an adequate job. They say it’s a land of opportunities, but why is it that a majority of these opportunities are only available to Canadian-born citizens? Not only are foreign credentials not recognized, but many...

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