Immigration to Te Us Handout

Immigration to Te Us Handout

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Immigration to the US

* year 1000 Vikings
* 500 years later European and Asian
* 1604 “Port Royal” established by French people
* 1607 Virginia (English)
* “real beginning”: 1620 “Mayflower” in Massachusetts
* slavery: Africans
* 1638 Swedish people established colony in Delaware ->lost to Dutch in 1655
* mid 1840s Swedish around New York
* peak 1894-1924 is related to industrialization

Reasons: Because of the industrial revolution in Europe and Mexico, social and economic conditions were bad
So many people were looking for better living conditions, economics opportunities and tried to escape from religious persecution. America was known as a country were life is better than elsewhere and anybody can achieve anything. The country was culturally diverse and people felt safe there.
Ellis Island: gateway for millions of immigrants, immigration office (1892-1954),Statue of Liberty National Monument

Politics and legislation: Various legislations have been passed to solve the issue of increasing immigration.
* In 1790 the “Naturalization Act” restricted immigration to “free white people”
* They excluded Chinese People in 1882.
* The first office of immigration was established in 1891.
* The Immigration Act of 1924 restricted the number of immigrants according to national origins, while Asians were excluded. White Europeans were the most desirable people so up to 150 000 Europeans could immigrate.
The Immigration Act of 1965 restricted Mexican immigration.
* They enacted the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 to create penalties for employers who hire illegal immigrants, an amnesty program and increased the support for the Border.
* Then, in 1996 illegal immigrants were declared ineligible for all benefits excepts in cases of emergency
Areas: clear geographic pattern, economic opportunities and industrial labour, avoid empty areas

Illegal Immigration:
Restrictions: only a...

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