Jose Fernandez
Porfessor Dr. Sabah Alsafar
26 February 2014
Immigration essay

Immigration has always been a very controversial issue today has worsened . First we analyze the factors that have led to immigration among these are : the economic crisis in Latin America , and the lack of job insecurity . Immigration in the United States historically has been associated with the pursuit of the American dream and incentives associated with better quality of life. Common argument is, if the cause of unemployment in the United states. or not, and whether they are responsible for an increase in the crime rate. will also examine the high skilled migration and the benefits they have brought into America.

Whether it’s due to personal reasons, economic reasons, or unemployment, sometimes people need the opportunity to leave their nation and move somewhere new. Either to build onto what they already have or start over completely, moving to another country provides a very appealing alternative to the state of their current lifestyle. Often times this ends up in illegal immigration, which has more positive effects than people are led to believe
Today, international migration has become a global phenomenon. Most of the migration from all over the world due to reasons related to the search for a better quality of life. Immigration to the United States is no exception. People around the world are attracted to the idea of ​​immigrating to the United States because of the promise of freedom and opportunity. But in recent years, there has been an increasing criticism against immigrants in the United States, which has led to measures restricting the rights of immigrants.

Many are the labels that are attached to the immigrant population today like illegal aliens, criminals, etc .Obviously, none of the labels placed on honor these people and not even describe the conditions that cause immigration. Once these people...

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