Imminent Death

Imminent Death


The hard reality of life is death. This world and man itself is mortal. One day everything will be destroyed. The materialistic approach of man has caught it in worldly activities and fame. One is running after property, fame, money and people and in doing so he is indulged in immoral activities. Man accepts the reality of death still not getting prepared for it. Man is reluctant from the feeling of being died. Researches have shown while considering our death, man is more inclined towards helplessness, potential pain, dependency and well-being of our loved ones. Other issues about which man is more concerned are painful life after death, fear of loss of dignity and fear of unknown. There are some issues in man’s life which he don’t expect or want to see happening and therefore he is unable to say any thing about such situations.

Imminent means that would happen soon. Death is the arrival of soul away from body leaving it helpless, motionless and all alone. Therefore imminent deaths are referred to as such deaths which are sure and about to happen is near future. When man knows about anything before hand he would definitely prepare himself for that. There are 2 types of deaths, one are accidental deaths other are natural deaths.

As far as accidental deaths are concerned they are unexpected and man has to face them as they are inevitable. Accidental deaths are caused by accidents like earthquakes, floods, road accident and severe injury caused as a result of any happening. When we talk about death then we should prepare our-self for all types of accident. Our death time is decided my God Almighty and we are not familiar about them. One should always be prepared for such accidental deaths. This type of death is unexpected and is quite difficult to face. Thus one should get himself prepared all the time for such situations.

Other type of death is natural death. An average life span of a person is 70 years. Natural death means is...

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