Impact Crusher Blocking Problems Solutions

Impact Crusher Blocking Problems Solutions

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Blocking materials is a common problem for crusher. Impact crusher blocks materials always because materials are wet, screen is too small or hammer head is wear, and other reasons. Impact crusher has this problem always because materials are too hard or the materials are too big. When crusher is blocked, how can we deal with it?

1. Blocking is a common failure in continuously using, maybe the crusher has design problem, but more due to the use of wrong operation. So please read instructions carefully before your operation, to avoid unnecessary damage and affect the normal use.

2. Feeding too fast will increase high pressure; it may be one of the blocking reasons. So when we are using crusher, we need to pay attention to the large deflection angleof ammeter’s pointer when feeding, if it is beyond the rated current, it shows motor is overload; long time overload will damage motor. At this point, you can reduce or close valve, or change the feeding method, or increase feeders to control feeding. There are two methods for feeding, manually and automatically, and customers may choose right feeders according to their real condition.

3. The third reason is maintenance work not done very well. No matter you use machine or not, you’d better check it regularly to ensure there is no materials or block in the machine. Lubricating for your crusher regularly is necessary, and the lubricated machine will be more efficient.

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