Impact of Globalisation on Indegeneous Cultures

Impact of Globalisation on Indegeneous Cultures

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Impact of Globalisation on Indigenous Culture

Dr. Biplab Datta
Assistant Professor
VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur 721302


Globalisation and information technology has increased contacts between people and their values, ideas and ways of life in unprecedented ways. This has lead to increased cultural exchanges. Some people like to keep alien cultures away, while others are trying to assimilate new cultures into their own. As argued in the Human Development Report 2004, multiculturalism can be another way in which societies can respond to cultural interactions that are taking place due to globalisation. Accordingly, various issues concerning the impact of globalisation on indigenous cultures has been discussed in this paper.


People are being exposed to multiple cultures as a result of increased travel, trade linkages and media exchanges. Many people welcome this new diversity as exciting and empowering while others find it disquieting and are afraid of losing indigenous cultures that they had developed over generations to western advances. Such extreme feelings have been expressed in various fora and have been the subject matter of political mobilizations. Governments in many countries must decide how to respond to this situation.

Historically, foreign traders have landed up in new shores and settled down. New settlers have spread their culture by design or otherwise, failing to respect indigenous cultures. This has resulted in indigenous people struggling to maintain their identity and way of life against that of the new settlers. For instance, India fought the first war of independence in 1957 as her people were against the usage of tallow in gelatin as required by the British government.

Enhanced flow of investment and knowledge

Globalisation has resulted in enhanced flow of investment. Foreign investment in oil, gas and mining has increased 4 to 5 times between 1988 and 1997. Since much of the...

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