Impact of Hyksos

Impact of Hyksos

Impact Of the Hyksos

The Hyksos were foreign rulers from Syria Palestine, who had taken over Lower Egypt and made a stronghold and capital at Avaris they ruled for about 100 years. The Hyksos had a significant and positive impact on the Egyptian in many areas such as, economy, culture and most importantly the military of New Kingdom Egypt. Wilson explains the Egyptians loss of territory to her enemies severely affected the “ Egyptian Spirit”. Therefore judging the impact of the Hyksos is difficult not to only the lack of evidence but the bias if ancient Egypt records that hampers attempts to ascertain to what degree the Hyksos impacted on Egypt.

Through the evidence found, the Egyptians viewed the impact on the Hyksos on their society negatively, to their economy due to restrictions on the territory, trade routes and resources. The Hyksos limited Egyptian trading ability by taxing Thebans travelling north of Cusae and controlling the route to Nubia and the northern quarries, therefore limiting supplies that Egypt was able to obtain before the invasion. Lawless believes that its possible that certain sources were no longer available to Egypt such as cedar from Lebanon, gold from Nubia, Tara limestone and building stones from the northern quarries. The lack of resources that the Egyptians revived at this time is evident in the Pyramids of the western Theban Kings, which were smaller than usual and were built from normal mud bricks. However although the Egyptians viewed the Hyksos impact on trade negatively, the Theban kings fostered the trade connections made by the Hyksos after the expulsion of the Hyksos.

Evidence found indicates that the Hyksos made huge contributions to trade links, which later helped with the expansion of Egypt. The Hyksos had an extensive diplomatic and trade links with the eastern Mediterranean region with objects found indicting strong connection to the Minoans. Minoan artist may have lived in the Hyksos capital, Avaris with...

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