Impact of It Revolution in India

Impact of It Revolution in India

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The urban India is witnessing the burgeoning change because of the IT revolution. Swanky malls, posh eating joints, ritzy foreign cars, high-rise commercial complexes, villas etc., are some of the visible attributes of the IT revolution and the amount of dollars that is flowing through the IT corridors. Securing an IT job today is a sure shot way to the riches.

But on the flip side, IT revolution has divided our society. It revolution has created a social imbalance that has already created a deeper impact on our social structure.

In a way, IT revolution is creating a social imbalance now. The big bucks, foreign trips and the western ways of living are actually dividing the society. On one side, we have those who are able to make it to the software parks. The money they are getting gives them an "intelligent-smart-successful" clout. While the less fortunate others, who couldn't make it to the IT jobs are living in abject self-pity and with low self esteem. Even those who are intelligent and self motivated are either frustrated or are channelizing their energy and time to find the bee-route to software parks.

Today, if someone aspires to be an artist, or a musician, or a teacher, he or she has to overcome phenomenal parental, peer and social pressure to pursue their career of interest. Because of the big money, IT career has become as much an aspiration of the society. IT does a pied-piper taking away the best talent available for other industries.

Student community and the fresh graduates today are obsessed with IT jobs, particularly the engineering students. Irrespective of their streams, every engineering student wants to land in a IT job. The big salary is the pull-factor. But this big starting salary is playing havoc on other manufacturing, engineering industries. Engineering students who join non-IT industries make an "unequal" comparison with their "smart" peers and thus they are either frustrated in their present salary or are breaking their...

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