Impact of the Financial Crisis in China

Impact of the Financial Crisis in China

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Even if the financial crisis that has spread all over the most advanced countries didn't have any tangible impact on the China's market over the last months, it seems that this situation is not meant to remain the same for too much longer.
This analysis has the purpose to look into the effects, current and potential, that the financial crisis has brought and is bringing to the Chinese business context, with particular focus on the impact on foreign investments attractiveness and opportunities.
In order to get a better understanding of the consequences led by the financial crisis to the Chinese market, it might be useful to focus the analysis mainly on China's top trade partners. According to the US-China Business Council reported data, China's top trade partners for 2007 are the follows shown in the table :

| China's Top Trade Partners 2007 ($ billion) |
|*Percent change over 2006 |
|Source: PRC General Administration of Customs, China's Customs Statistics |
|Rank |Country/Region |Volume |% Change* |
|1 |United States |302,1 |15,00% |
|2 |Japan |236 |13,90% |
|3 |Hong Kong |197,2 |18,80% |
|4 |South Korea |159,9 |19,10% |
|5 |Taiwan |124,5 |15,40% |
|6 |Germany...

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