Impemeting an Effective English Language Learner Program

Impemeting an Effective English Language Learner Program

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Implementing an Effective English Language Learner Program

Brett St.Germain
Olivet Nazarene University
EDUC 782


The following document will outline examples of effective English Language Learner (ELL) programs possible for Rosemont Middle School. Included will be examples of four building-level practices found in schools that have proven to be exemplary in assisting English Language Learners. Finally, discussion will focus on issues or obstacles that may arise when attempting to implement an ELL program.

The number of English language learners (ELLs) has grown exponentially in recent years and finding ways to educate ELLs has become increasingly difficult. At the heart of this issue is the debate over which program methods should be used in implementing an effective model that assures academic success. According to Robert Linquanti, (1999) the following issues must be considered:
• Which kinds of language-minority students, instructional methods, and program models are we talking about? Are we using the same terms to refer to the same things?
• What instructional practices and programs work best for which students? When are they appropriately used? What's needed to successfully implement them? What are the advantages and risks of different approaches?
• What do the most rigorous and reliable research reviews tell us about English language acquisition? About the role of students' native language in teaching reading, learning academic English, and succeeding academically?
• What are some pervasive misconceptions that continually cloud the discussion?
Though ELL programs take on many forms, there are two distinct models that need discussion, bilingual and English as a second language (ESL) programs. It is important to keep in mind that attempts at providing the perfect plan may prove to be impossible, as school districts are faced with their own unique problems and issues. As our discussion takes us to defining...

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