Implementation Methods of Inter Process Communication (Ipc) Through C

Implementation Methods of Inter Process Communication (Ipc) Through C

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Saurabh Rajput
M.E. (Third Semester)

Implementation methods of Inter Process Communication (IPC) through C


One of the strong features of Linux Platform (Unix-like operating systems) is its ability to run several processes simultaneously, and let them all share the CPU(s), memory, and other resources. Any non-trivial system developed on UNIX systems will sooner or later resort to splitting its tasks into more than one process. True, many times threads will be preferred (thought these are candidates for a separate Study), but the methods used in both of them tend to be rather similar - how to start and stop processes, how to Communicate with other processes, how to Synchronize processes.
Here we will explore the various features that the system supplies us with in order to answer these questions. Dealing with multi-process systems takes a slightly different approach than dealing with a single-process program - events happen to occur in parallel, debugging is more complicated, and there's always the risk of having a bug cause endless process creation that will bring our system to a halt. In fact, most of the efforts are plagued by running buggy programs that create new processes endlessly, or leaving background processes running into endless loop, and so on. In this project I have tried to implement IPC through C so that I could speculate on how it is done.


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