The Importance of Accountability Paper
HCS 475: Health Administration Capstone
Class Group: HCS/475 Version 4
University of Phoenix Online  
March 3, 2014

Accountability is one of the most important characteristics to the healthcare industry. Within this paper we will discuss why we talk of accountability and, what makes it so important in the healthcare industry. Just how is employee accountability measured? We will also discuss the checks and balances process. An organization cannot function properly without this as part of the venue.

Why is accountability important in the health care industry?
 We characterize and compare three dominant models of accountability:
1) the professional model, in which the individual physician and patient participate in shared decision making and physicians are held accountable to professional colleagues and to patients;
2) the economic model, in which the market is brought to bear in health care and accountability is mediated through consumer choice of providers; and
3) the political model, in which physicians and patients interact as citizen-members within a community and in which physicians are accountable to a governing board elected from the members of the community, such as the board of a managed care plan. We argue that no single model of accountability is appropriate to health care (J., 1996). 

How is an employee’s accountability measured in the health care industry?
We first set performance standards and performance reviews. Maybe the person is in sales for the hospital and these persons would be based on having 12 clients by the end of the year. We could also add the attendance of a person. Have a set number the same for everyone the number of days that can be missed and notate the ones that cannot. This also includes encouraging the managers and supervisors to be giving the employees their feedback as soon as possible.

How does accountability apply to ethical...