Importance of Accountability

Importance of Accountability

Importance of Accountability
Accountability is an important and vital responsibility in the life of an American soldier in the United States Army. It is part of my duty to be on time to all formations and movements. Accountability is my obligation to be responsible for my own actions. Responsibility is my duty to deal with the things I'm assigned to. Why is accountability held to such high regard? Accountability is important for many reasons, for which I will elaborate on in this paper.
Taking initiative to be on time to formation should come as second nature to me as an AIT soldier. If I do not show up on time to a formation for breakfast, I could miss the chance to go eat. My consequences would be me being hungry til the next time I eat and possible UCMJ actions against me for missing a formation. If I am not tracking the time and show up to events late I could be chartered out of the military.
There are safety issues with being accountable as well. If there is a natural disaster such as a

tornado, cadre would need to know that everyone is safe and accounted for, so as to not risk the lives of

others to go looking for missing battle buddies. While on deployments it would be imperative to be on

time so as to not make people wonder if you were involved in an engagement with the enemy or even

killed or taken prisoner. I need to be accountable for myself as well as my battle buddy so nothing

negative happens.

Accountability is important because it insures that I will meet the needs of others. Selfless service in the army values has an effect on this as well. Arriving on time shows that I am prepared to take on whatever the day has to throw at me. If I am accountable it shows that I can be trusted and people can put faith in my ability to be on time and get my duty done.
Keeping accountability of all the equipment I am assigned to is also important. As a patriot fire control enhanced operator/maintainer it is imperative that I keep...

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