Importance of an Mba

Importance of an Mba


With the Recession in the World today what is the Importance of Having a MBA?

Brandi S. Moore

University of Phoenix


What is the importance of having a MBA? Many people will have their own reasons and opinions on pursuing an MBA. In this paper, I will discuss my findings and results from journals, assessments, and books about the benefits of having a MBA. I will also explain my own reasons and goals of pursing my MBA.

What is the Importance of Having a MBA?

What are reasons why people want to pursue their MBA? Many people have their own reasons of wanting to go back to school and receive their MBA. I believe that the main objective of anyone wanting to get his or her MBA is making more money. Some factors why people want their MBA is trying to advance in their career, start a new career, or their own personal dreams and goals. An MBA is guarantee career advancement (Simpson.2000). It is not easy trying to get your MBA. People face many barriers when they want to go back to school for their masters and that is money, family, work, and time. After realizing the benefits of receiving their masters, people make it their determination to go back to school.


When you ask someone why he or she wants to pursue their MBA, what is the first thing they say? The answer is money! When people receive their MBA and take it onto their career, they are offered more money when they start a career or a promotion within their career that will receive more money.


With businesses and corporations in a stand still for hiring, getting your MBA right now will help you in the end. A bachelor degree is not enough to get the job right now, so you have to go and pursue your MBA. Most companies will take the graduate with the MBA instead of the graduate with the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, because they believe that the graduate with the MBA is more qualified...

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