Importance on following orders

Importance on following orders

The True Curfew Intentions for the Soldiers Stationed in Japan

“Military personnel, including those who are in TDY/TAD, deployed, leave or pass status in Japan, in the grade of E-5 and below, are subject to curfew between hours of 0100-0500. Military personnel in other grades are not subject to curfew.”

The statement above was from the Liberty Policy for All U.S. Military Forces Located and Operating in Japan. The intent is to keep the lower enlisted service members away from the local population to avoid any incidents from happening. From what I heard from a radio commercial, nothing positive happens after midnight especially with alcohol mixed in. This policy is to protect the crucial relationship between Japan and the U.S and to be able to defend and provide security and regional stability which are necessary. This is to promote good order and discipline and reinforce the standard of conduct to all service members particularly behavior outside the military installations in Japan. All service members regardless of grade, off base consumption of alcohol is prohibited from 2400-0500 except when in an off base residence, hotel or living quarters.

This policy was implemented to avoid service members committing illegal acts such as DUI, trespassing, rape and all other crimes that will discredit you, your unit and the U.S. military.
If ever you are about to be in violations, make sure you call any other co-workers you have that lives off post so that you will not get in to any trouble. The main lesson here is to not violate the curfew and make sure if you are E-5 and below, you back at your house, hotel, and or apartment before 0100.

Reference: Liberty Policy for All U.S. Military Forces Located and Operating in Japan Memorandum

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