important of breakfast

important of breakfast

Excuses why people do not eat breakfast make a lot of reasons and excuses .the common reasons for not having the breakfast are:
- Not feeling hungry in the mornings. This is yet another weak argument for not having the break fast. If one is not hungry when wakes up, something little can be eaten to supply the body with the nutrients it requires, and something should be taken as a mid-morning snack.

- One has no time and is too much in a hurry. This excuse can be overcome with taking some fruit and toast quickly. Breakfast does not necessarily to be a heavy one; just something to break the eight-hour fast and replenish your cells with nutrients is more than enough.

- Feeling hungry all the day when breakfast is taken. An argument without basis and any foundation. By selecting the wrong food, high in refined sugar and caffeine will activate an insulin reaction and leave the body in a slump. A balanced meal with a small amount of protein will help maintain glucose levels steady and reduce the hunger.

Importance of Breakfast
Studies normally show that having breakfast is linked with better strength and stamina in the late morning, together with healthier feelings toward day’s exertion. Breakfast is he most important meal of the day as it helps to refill blood glucose levels, which is significant since the brain has no reserves of glucose and its main energy basis, must continually be restocked. The continued work involving mental commitment requires large return of brain glucose and its metabolic components. [Breakfast: Waking Up to a Healthy Start] Suitable replenishment of the human body in the morning is critical for best possible routine during the day. Eating breakfast helps to improve the performance in such form that people are expected to make less mistakes at work and children do better in school. Breakfast is also another prospect to eat much-needed nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. The children who miss breakfast do not make up...

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