Imprisonment vs. community corrections

Imprisonment vs. community corrections

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Imprisonment vs. Community Corrections: What is more effective?

Marjorie Betti

Florida International University


This paper explores the differences that an Imprisonment and a Community Correction take effect within the society. It also explores how Community Corrections are more effective and most likely to increase in the future over Imprisonment. Each institution has been effective over some time; however, Community Corrections is becoming a solution to many states in the United States. Many societies and communities are electing to pick Community Corrections over Imprisonment because Community Corrections will bring inmates that have finished their terms in prison back into society as citizens not as criminals. Therefore, this paper examines the effectiveness that Community Corrections and Imprisonment have with today’s society. In addition, how Community Corrections and/or Imprisonments overpowers Imprisonment and/or Community Corrections for public safety, rehabilitation for inmates into society, costs that is saved using Community Corrections and the effect that can cause to decrease crime and recidivism for having Community Corrections instead of Imprisonments.

Imprisonment vs. Community Corrections: What is more effective?
There are two kind of systems that station an offender and keeps the offender punished for his/her actions. Those two systems are imprisonment and community corrections. Many people have disagreed on having just imprisonment. Many communities have attempted to lessen the reliance on using imprisonment by having community corrections that provide with programs that help offenders. Many people claim that having a community correction is more civilized, more cost efficient and more successful methods to corrections rather than imprisonment. This paper focuses on how community correction saves in costs, is more civilized, is more effective and helps reform the offenders into...

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