Improvement and innovation finely divided jaw crusher

Improvement and innovation finely divided jaw crusher

finely divided jaw crusher is simple pendulum, complex pendulum jaw crusher foundation has done a great improvement, the use of a number of movable jaw and a few eccentric shaft structure, each movable jaw were crushed by the material runs, thereby reducing the mechanical load, and easy to start, running more stable, lower energy consumption.

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New crushing jaw crusher is also divided into complex pendulum jaw crusher finely divided pendulum jaw crusher finely divided two and Jane, it works fine jaw crusher with the same, but the inlet to increase the length of its broken than up in the past several times the compressive strength of the crusher, fine jaw crusher is mainly used for crushing stone hardness is relatively large, such as secondary granite, basalt, river gravel and other broken.
finely divided jaw crusher is mainly composed of a fixed body, rotating body, safety device, adjust a few parts of devices and other components. Here is an improved finely divided jaw crusher:
1, finely divided-type jaw crusher crushing chamber so that the middle of this small rodents competing gradients, to increase the central processing capacity, improve the balance of processing capacity under the compound pendulum-type jaw crusher fundamentally;
2, the lower nip angle becomes negative, and the linear moving jaw area may constitute a parallel, so that the material subject to further “laminated crushing”, refinement and all the whole of the discharge;
3, the nesting population increases, accelerated discharge; moving the lower jaw thickened, improved abrasion compound pendulum machine inherent defect;
4, the eccentric shaft with a labyrinth, jaw crusher stress analysis summarizes research findings, which proved a good seal.

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