Improving Communication Strategies for Positive Trending

Improving Communication Strategies for Positive Trending

Executive Summary

Shareholder value is proportionally related to the quality of corporate governance in an organization. There is a belief that corporations with high quality corporate governance levels do better than peers in an ample variety of configurations. The increase in quality can be attributed to the right composition and structure of the corporate board, which allows the corporation to react swiftly to changes on the performance of its operations, if these were to decline. The process of how board members are nominated has considerably taken its toll on the level of quality of corporate governance. During the analysis of the data, different arguments supporting good corporate practices, the transition of corporate governance along the years, and how it has positively evolved to enhance its quality will be discussed.

Through this exercise it becomes clearer that in order to maintain trust of shareholders, it is necessary to increase the value of the shares of the corporation, while maintaining transparency of all operations. In order to do so, there needs to be a synergistic relationship in the corporate governance among all board members, so everybody is accountable and at the same time every single members keeps working towards the same goal.


“Spencer Stuart Board Index: How Boards Are Changing”

“Spencer Stuart Board Index: How Boards are Changing”, an article by Julie Hembrock Daum, talks about the many changes happening in Boards and the possible trends. Spencer Stuart is one of the world’s leading executive search firms and every year they track trends in board service, the careers, and backgrounds of new directors, and the policies and processes of these boards. For the year of 2009 the main changes included: adoption of annual elections of directors, limitation of the number of corporate boards that a director may serve on, division of labor between the CEO and the chairman, and how the board of directors are now...

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