In rural areas to buy oil press must abide by the five basic steps

In rural areas to buy oil press must abide by the five basic steps

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In rural areas to buy oil press must abide by the five basic steps:

Press the purchase and use is something we can't all daily contact, are not the actual investment a person a kind of business behavior.But a lot to buy oil press customers don't know its from, oil vendors would penguin small make up today will give Suggestions didn't buy the customer experience.

First, from the website and other information platform to know basic oil press, can search platform to enter keywords from baidu or other refined oil equipment to want to know the results, from these sites to find better several as backup.
Second, in determining the few website information to confirm a couple of the spectrum of the company, and then set a to two palm oil mill ( hello to the basic situation of the factory, address, contact telephone, bus line, the basic oil mill price range.
Third, must to oil factory house, the field has a lot of important information can be implemented and textual research.To see the strength of the manufacturer and the management pattern, confirm manufacturer is FenZhuangChang, is the real manufacturer.
Fourth, determine the above points to the actual experiments, see live oil press work, whether it's oil experiment factory home or to the customer's home to go to the oil mill workshop can run.So that we can more intuitive connection device.
Fifth, determines the manufacturers sell their products, after remembering to product purchase and sale contract, determine the product quality and after-sales, so even later problems or to negotiate.

This is new to buy oil pressing station ( need to be aware of several situation and buy steps, of course, is not must comply with the above, some things are changing, which requires we read more than to ask.

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