In the Face of Adversity

In the Face of Adversity

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Puripat #26 M.510-2

In the face of adversity

Overcoming adversity is not easy but you can find a way around the obstacles if you just keep persisting towards your goals. Many people always get frustrated whenever they encounter adversity
and attempt to avoid it altogether; so they never attempt to accomplish anything new in their lives. They tend to settle for a mediocre life and remain stagnant. If you ever wish to accomplish anything
worthwhile you must take risks and as you find ways to overcoming adversity the pay off will be huge.
If you desire to accomplish something then you must be willing to take action and keep persisting until you have achieved it. Successful people understand that overcoming adversity consists from persisting and learning from your failures. You must understand that any venture you begin most likely you will not succeed the very first time; most successful people fail at least once in their life. There is no shame in failing or not reaching your goals when you expect to reach them. As long as you learn from your mistakes and keep working on overcoming adversity you will eventually realize your goals.
You are probably saying to yourself "well some people seem to reach success a lot easier than me." Yes success will come to some people easier than you; however you most likely have not seen their path towards success. Everyone pays their price to success whether it comes in the form of hard work, or giving up something to get something else.
Everything in life that is worth something is going to require some time and persistence on your part, if you have the patience and continue working towards anything you desire you can be do have anything you desire. Overcoming adversity is something that you have to be willing to overcome if you are ever going to accomplish anything worthwhile in your life. After all if things were easy everyone would be willing to take a chance and do something different and we would have not...

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