In This Novel

In This Novel

In the novel, Monster, the main character is Monster Kody Scott who is in the gang the Crips. The book starts when Kody Scott is eleven years old and ends when he is twenty two years old. By the time Monster Kody Scott is twenty two years old he is no longer a gangster and is a black activist and changed his name to Sanykia Shakur. Throughout these years Monster Kody Scott has been to jail numerous times and has kids that he never has seen. There are also many other battles he goes through while being a gang member.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book Monster. I would definitely recommend this book to people. Some things I enjoyed about it is that there is always something going on that makes you want to keep reading the book. For example, when Kody Scott first joins the gang he is eleven years old and has a confrontation with a rival gang the Bloods. In this chapter Monster Kody Scott shoots all the Blood members. By doing this he was officially apart of the gang. However, something I did not like about the book was that it did not go in depth about things such as, what would happen after gang fights.

The title of the book Monster, stands for Kody Scotts gang name. In gangs you have to live up to your gang name so Kody Scott was a Monster and had to act as a Monster.

The quote “Cuz you gonna be down, watch.”was a significant quote in the book because it pretty much says that Kody Scott is going to be in the gang.

The setting of the book is in South Central L.A between the years 1975-1988. I know this because in the book it talks about it.

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